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What is the right strategy for you?

What is the right strategy for you?

Struggling to find which property strategy is for you?

Here are a few options, maybe it might help you choose or give you an insight onto the next logical step in your property journey:

Strategy 1 – HMO (long term )

Pros – Great cash flow (consistent methods of creating sustainable income),

Cons – Time intensive, having to deal with several tenants in a single property


Strategy 2 – Rent to Rent (short to medium term)

Pros – Allows you to scale very quickly, small amount of cash needed to start of with,

Cons – Having to deal with multiple HMOs, lots of tenants, don’t actually own the property


Strategy 3 –Deal sourcing (short term)

Pros- Can monetise every lead, can make money without needing money

Cons- Don’t own anything, is not creating passive income



Strategy 4 – Block of flat (medium – long term)

Pros – Multiple exits available,

Cons – Can be expensive to acquire


Strategy 5 – Commercial to residential conversions (medium-long term)

Pros – Can potentially side step planning, lots of profit to be made,

Cons – Ties up cash for quite some time which can limit other opportunities


This is of course just an a basic overview of these strategies but can give you a good idea as to where they might stand on your overall plan. Whatever your experience there is certainly something for everyone and it is important to continue to grow and explore as many strategies as possible and see which best fits with you and your personality.

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