Everyone needs accountability to take them to the next level to ensure that they are taking the right action, within their timescales to ensure they move forward in the right direction. Otherwise like everything life, day to day tasks gets in the way of your bigger goals and aspirations and before you know it years have gone by.

Elite Accountability coaching keeps you on track and it can be on whatever subject you require help, assistance and guidance with such as:-

  • Life
  • Success strategy
  • Property investment
  • Your Business

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Bindar congratulations on your inspirational mentorship. I purchased 3 properties on the mentorship with you hand-holding me through these deals. Since then I followed your step by step process to acquire another 9 in less than 12 months giving me a portfolio worth 1 million pounds. Thank you for pushing me outside my comfort zone while keeping me safe. I would never have achieved my financial freedom without your support and encouragement especially at 63 years old when I thought it wasn’t possible

– Malcolm Ridley, Retired Commercial Manager

I am a 29-year old recruiter who is tired of working on someone else’s plan and wanted to have freedom and choices over my finances and life. I wanted to buy two investment properties on my mentorship. I achieved that within five months, receiving £800 cash flow from each property, totally £1,600 per month. Now, I have the tools and a system to repeat the process that I am using to find my third investment property.Thanks to Bindar for the mentorship!

– Boyana, HR Recruiter

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For more information about the various Mentoring programmes

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