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Licensing systems for landlords

Licensing systems for landlords

The licensing system for landlords in the UK is far from straightforward in some areas many properties don’t need a license while in others you need to pay a premium per property. Landlord licensing can provide an extra burden on professional landlords whose intentions are to secure additional income for their future.

In Scotland and Wales the situation is much simpler all landlords need to be licensed and the license applies to the landlord rather than to specific properties. In England it is very different HMOs with at least 3 storeys with 5 or more tenants requires a mandatory license across the nation. But for smaller properties or B2Ls it is up to the local authority to decide whether or not a license is needed and how much the fees will be.

Below are all the current English local authorities that apply a selective licensing regime to landlords of smaller properties (non HMOs)

Local of authority Pricing
Blackpool Below £500
Enfield Below £500
Gedling (Nottingham) Below £500
Stoke on Trent Below £500
Hartlepool Below £500
Newham Below £500
Southwark Below £500
Wolverhampton Below £500
Peterborough Below £500
Wirral Below £500
Leeds Below £500
Tower Hamlets Below £500
West Lindsey (East midlands) Below £500
Hyndburn Below £500
Waltham Forest Below £500
Rotherham Below £500
Blackburn Below £500
Harrow Below £500
Doncaster Below £500
Hammersmith & Fulham Below £500
Newcastle Below £500
Salford Below £500
Gateshead Below £500
Thanet £500 -£750
East Staffs £500 -£750
Southampton £500 -£750
Middlesbrough £500 -£750
Barnet £500 -£750
Portsmouth £500 -£750
Hartlepool £500 -£750
Ashfield (East Midlands) £500 -£750
Suffolk Coastal £500 -£750
Liverpool £500 -£750
Hastings £500 -£750
Bristol £750-£1000
Burnley £750-£1000
Croydon £750-£1000
Barking & Dagenham Over £1000
Sheffield Over £1000
Ealing Over £1000
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