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Feng Shui, property, and you in 2018

Feng Shui, property, and you in 2018

A lot of property developers don’t have a lot of time for Feng Shui.

I mean, who cares where your stairs are, what colour you put in your hallway, or what direction the bed points in – right? It’s all about getting the investment turned around and getting the rent in. Right?

Well, I agree it’s good to keep your end in mind when it comes to property development – but actually I’ve come to believe that that’s exactly what Feng Shui can help you to do.

I’m lucky enough to count Marie Diamond as one of my friends. Marie is
a globally renowned transformational teacher, speaker, international best-selling author, and Feng Shui consultant, with clients including Steven Speilberg and featured in the book and movie “The Secret”.

She also came along to one of our Female Property Alliance meetings  before Christmas, and was one of our most popular speakers ever. Even those who were inclined to think Feng Shui is all a bit mumbo-jumbo, left impressed.

Whether you believe in it or not, the fact is that Feng Shui – which means wind and water – is a system that has been accepted and used by the Chinese emperors and elite for 4,000 years. And the people and businesses that work with Marie today are reporting 10-20% increase in their profits or success after her intervention.

So for the sake of suspending disbelief, it’s probably worth just giving it a chance in 2018…

I’ll give you an example.

How did you feel when you finally packed away all your Christmas decorations, and got your living room back? Was there some of you that was relieved to clear the clutter? Did you feel better able to think and live? Well that’s Feng Shui. It’s the same as trying to work in a cluttered mess, versus trying to work at a clear, well-organised desk. We all know that feeling. We all know its truth – and its power.

So what if you could use that in your work?

Do you have a room, or a property, that isn’t renting, or where there’s a high turnover of tenants? We know that by changing colours and changing the energy in a property it will change who you attract and how long they stay. That’s landlord common sense – and it’s also Feng Shui. If you’re a successful landlord you’re probably doing it already by pure instinct.

The answer to your property problems isn’t always to make things beige, boring or magnolia! The blank canvas isn’t always the best starting point. Creating a home where your particular ‘ideal’ tenant wants to live and immediately feels comfortable could make all the difference. That may mean clearing your entrance way. It may mean moving around your furniture. It may mean a splash of colour, a mirror, clearing the clutter. By embracing just a bit of what Marie has to teach us, you could transform an unsuccessful property into a money-spinner.

Perhaps more important than your properties, though, is your own life, and your investment business.

Feng Shui teaches us there are three elements to our personal success. Our heavenly luck – the talents we were born with, our human luck – what we learn, experience and how we develop ourselves, and our environmental luck – where we sleep, work and live. That means that 33.3% of our outcome in life is about our location – and changing that can help to change our outcome.

So if you do nothing else this year, do this. Look around your office –the place from which you run your property business.

Start by removing at least 25% of what’s in the room. Clear your space so you can focus on your work. Move your desk so you’re facing the door – facing the opportunities coming in to find you. And cover your walls with your goals – a map of your investment area, inspiring books, a board with examples of your successes – properties, prices and yields, pictures of you and one of your mentors.

If you really want to get ahead and learn from Marie about Feng Shui and property investing listen to her Female Property Alliance presentation and find out about your personalised success, health, wisdom and relationship directions, and place things in your office accordingly.

It may be psuedo-sceince. It may be mumbo-jumbo. But what if it’s not? Think about the clarity you get from a clear out – the freedom, and the direction. Because it may also be that Feng Shui could make all the difference to you as a property investor this year.

After all, what have you really got to lose?


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