• "Bindar congratulations on your inspirational mentorship. I purchased 3 properties on the mentorship with you hand-holding me through these deals. Since then I followed your step by step process to acquire another 9 in less than 12 months. Thank you for pushing me outside my comfort zone while keeping me safe. I would never have achieved my financial freedom without your support and encouragement especially at 63 years old when I thought it wasn’t possible"

    Malcolm Ridley
    Retired Commercial Manager
  • "I have found my mentorship extremely helpful in my property journey. Bindar has been an amazing mentor and really pushed me to get the most out of our time together, by having telephone conferences between our face to face time to ensure we had the right strategy, area and finances together. I feel in a better position now knowing I can replicate what we have done in other areas of the country and make property work for me as an income and capital strategy."

    Helen Lawyer
  • "Bindar was brilliant, as she had no ego and showed us the reality in buying property and she has increased our education and learning in different strategies of the property business. Bindar worked with us on telephone conferences to prepare us for our mentorship, making sure we had the right strategy and area and our finances sorted out. On our mentorship we viewed 25 properties and put 15 offers out – exciting and scary at the same time."

    Beena Bains
  • I have completed a mentorship programme with Bindar, this was an extremely useful 3 days in my property financial education journey. Bindar from the outset was always happy to answer all my questions and provide the guidance and support I needed. During our mentorship together, we covered a great deal of ground from going over my goals, vision and strategy, area. We viewed 15 properties together on our second day and finally number crunching to ensure it fitted the buy to let, house of multiple occupancy and the social housing strategies and putting out 11 offers and the negotiations began.

    Mandip Lally
  • Bindar and I had 3 wonderful days together. I had an amazing experience, Bindar is a wonderful mentor, patient, committed to my success. Bindar was assertive with me as I was emotionally attached to a property I really wanted to buy and I was going to pay above the asking price for it. Bindar stopped me and together we secured an even better and more profitable property in the right location for a great price.Bindar’s level of skills, encouragement and outstanding teaching abilities are pushing my life to a different dimension.

    Anna Webster
    Legal Professional, London
  • Vision and experience of my mentor provided me with tools, confidence and way forward with my strategy to secure the right deal for me.

    Jan Rider
    Retired, Croydon
  • Bindar is very nice, friendly mentor, she pushed us where needed, encouragement and reassurance that we will make it and not to give up.

    Jane Miller
  • Our days during the mentorship and the pre and post mentorship with Bindar was intense but great fun because it was about me and my future. We were working on my life plan. Bindar gave me scripts to use for agents, building rapport and maximising my viewing schedules, I had homework at the end of every day of our mentorship and at the end went through our objectives for the mentorship to ensure they had been covered. We together viewed 20 properties that fitted my strategy and made offers on 12. The best decision I made was to have Bindar as a mentor. She is warm and caring but firm and assertive when she needs to be to move me forward towards my goals. She knew her stuff and I felt safe with her. She has been very supportive ever since I got to know her. I truly feel I have got a mentor for life.

    Liseli Thomas
    HR Advisor, Northampton
  • indar is very relaxed in her approach, which in return made us feel at ease, she is extremely knowledgeable and positive and assertive and gets the best out of people. We became negative about our finances and ability and how we were able to make things work. Bindar does not see problems only challenges and assisted us to overcome these challenges and blocks. Can you believe we put 8 offers on properties as Bindar always kept saying “the money will come to the right deal”. Bindar reassured us that she wasn’t going anyway and she would support us after the mentorship in the future when we get stuck with a new issue.

    Coral and Khadine Sinclair
  • Excellent Mentor, she is brilliant, very focused goal driven for my success. She is in control and very professional at the same time fun. Before I felt as though I was learning how to walk; after my time with Bindar I am able to now run. I have a clear vision and a system in place. I really feel more confident to run…… the sky is the limit.

    Property Investor
  • Bindar is a great mentor. She teaches to suit her mentee’s style; not try to mould the mentee into a pre-fix style. She is patient and worked at my pace until “the penny dropped” I feel confident in moving forward with the tools gained from my mentorship. Bindar also was happy to share details of her power team such as accountants, brokers and solicitors without hesitation. So that I kept focused on the mentorship she reassured me that at the end she would provide me with a written step by step guidance which she did and she has been very accessible and communicative before and after the mentorship.

    Shamila Kumar
    Accountant, London
  • I am already a property investor but I felt that I got more clarity, focus and the distinctions that make the difference. Bindar is a great listener and communicated very well throughout the mentorship. Our goals for the mentorship were set at the beginning and reviewed at the end and all expectations were met. We viewed 18 properties and made offers on 4. Bindar was very warm and easy to get on with and she constantly coached me throughout.

    Claudette Bell
  • I found my mentorship excellent, Bindar is an excellent communicator and made me feel at ease. On my mentorship I put 5 offers out. It has certainly boosted my confidence by learning the step by step process from start to finish of researching area, right properties for me and my family, negotiating, financing the deal, renovating the properties and tenanting them the right way. I wish I could keep Bindar as a mentor forever.

    Teresa Smith
    Business Woman, Colchester
  • Excellent 3 days mentorship with Bindar, we achieved a lot, Bindar also allowed my wife to join us on the mentorship who had no interest in property but was concerned about my property investing especially because I am 63 years old so she could feel confident that her hard earnt money was safe.

    Peter Maxwell
    Retired, London

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