How can mentoring help?

Ask any successful person who helped them on their journey; they will all state that it was their mentor or coach! Having a mentor was vital to them gaining focus, giving them direction and holding them accountable to their goals.

In our opinion mentoring is a partnership between the mentor and mentee, that is based upon mutual trust and respect.

When Bindar reflects on her property investment journey, she wished she had access to the seminars, books, CDs, DVDs and the right mentor.

If she had these resources available, she knows that she would never have made the mistakes she did. She firmly believes that had she got a Property Mentor earlier on in her journey to help her plan better and have specific goals she could have achieved more in a shorter space of time.


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It is for anyone who wants to take control of their financial destiny.

It doesn’t matter what your personal or financial background is. Whether you have good or low credit score, whether you have money or little or no money there is a property strategy for everyone to begin with.

Our case studies show where we have helped mentees achieve property success they have so desperately wanted, with no experience or ready finances and age being no object.

We have mentored people just like you from as young as 18 to 63 years old. There is a property strategy for everyone.


  • Emotional intelligence to develop your wealth mindset.
  • How to overcome your fears and limiting beliefs about money.
  • Strategic planning for your future.
  • How to raise money for your deposits to invest in property.
  • Various property strategies covered: buy to let, House of Multiple Occupancy (HMO), rent-to-rent, social housing, distressed, creative finance, sourcing and lease options. Advanced strategies of commercial, auction and portfolio review are available on request.
  • How to research your investment area.
  • To work out the numbers such as cashflow and yields.
  • How to negotiate and make the offers.
  • To work effectively with your power team members.
  • Ways to keep you on track and hold you accountable.
  • Oh, and of course how make you more money!
  • And so much more …….


Today there is so much information available on property investing that it can be difficult to decide which is the best strategy for your financial and personal circumstance sand who to go to for help!

Many don’t know where to start so don’t and that is why many people do nothing.

They are fearful of the potential, costly mistakes.

This is not a ‘get rich quick’ solution. It is a step by step process to develop the right strategy for you and your particular circumstances to achieve your end goals.

  • Practical experience from someone who has been there and done it.
  • To work with a Property Award Winner property investor.
  • A Mentor used by the UK’s largest property educational company’s.

At Smart Core Wealth, Bindar’s team provides you with the tools, education, strategies and encouragement to build your property portfolio and your financial freedom.

What sets us aside from other companies and programmes is that we stay with our menteesuntil they have finished on their first deal, however long it might take so they learn the process confidently and they can repeat like a cookie cutter.

Your mentorship is tailor-made to your financial and personal circumstances, taking into consideration your goals, strategies, investment area and timescales. Your plan will be discussed and agreed with your allocated mentor. Homework is set after each session.

We Work alongside you and your lifestyle regardless of where you live in the UK/world and help, guide and support you to seize every opportunity


Being mentored by Smart Core Wealth is your shortcut to success, while you learn.


What Malcolm Ridley & Geraldine says about Bindar :-

Bindar congratulations on your inspirational mentorship. I purchased 3 properties on the mentorship with you hand-holding me through these deals. Since then I followed your step by step process to acquire another 9 in less than 12 months giving me a portfolio worth 1 million pounds. Thank you for pushing me outside my comfort zone while keeping me safe. I would never have achieved my financial freedom without your support and encouragement especially at 63 years old when I thought it wasn’t possible

– Malcolm Ridley, Retired Commercial Manager

“Bindar Dosanjh, is an excellent property mentor; She is in control and very professional; at the same time fun.My three days mentorship with Bindar, boosted my self-confidence and propelled me to being a professional property investor and a businesswoman. Bindar’s, guidance and support brought me to a new place in my life that I could only dream’t of in the past. Her openness and patience has been a tremendous experience and a wonderful way to clarify all my doubts. We viewed over 15 properties and put offers of 7 and purchased my first investment property which cashflowed £450 per month.

Bindar hand held me throughout the process from the research the area to putting a tenant into it.

Bindar you know how to break down barriers and simplify what most people mystify. I have learned a great deal from observing you tackle challenges with intelligence and patience. I highly recommend Bindar to anyone who wants to move forward and achieve their goals in life or property Thank you!”

– Geraldine Nzdine


    So by starting our Property Investor Programmes you will:-

  • Avoid mistakes
  • Avoid your time being wasted
  • Avoid stress
  • Avoid heart-ache and
  • Avoid loosing the money from your pocket.
  • Get support and guidance to take you to the next level of your financial journey.
  • Skills that will massively improve your results and move you to the next level of your financial journey
  • Hand held through your first property deal.
  • Guide you to build your property expertise and networks.
  • The confidence to take control of your financial destiny
  • Teamwork to your success.


All our previous mentees know that immediately after any work we do together if they feel that we didn’t add value then we work with them until they get the end result that they wanted.

We do not want money from anyone who has not received value.

We want happy customers who are going to taking action with what practical skills they have learnt.

This is a promise that we make from the outset. A happy and successful client is what we strive for.

If you really want to know how to take your property business to the next level need to answer these 3 questions honestly:

  • Are you really serious about achieving more than you currently do?
  • Do you want to work with an experienced property investor/mentor to help you get there quicker and safer?
  • Are you ready to take action and achieve the huge potential you have and deserve?

If you’ve answered YES to all 3 questions you’re ready to move forward and kill the fear of failing.

So look no further and contact us to obtain further information by applying below and see how we can help you and if we are the right match to work together.

Teamwork makes the Dreamwork

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All our previous mentees know that immediately after any work we do together if they feel that we didn’t add value then we work with them until they get the end result that they wanted.

We do not want money from anyone who has not received value.

We want happy customers who are going to taking action with what practical skills they have learnt.

For more information about the various Mentoring programmes

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