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There is more than one way to buy & sell

There is more than one way to buy & sell

What is your main property investing strategy? Does it included buying & selling?

If not then why not? There are a few different ways to approach this and depends a lot  on the property and the deal itself rate than applying one strategy to everything you have options on how to structure the deal.

There are a few different ways that you can approach this-

  1. Sell direct to auction – buy & put straight back onto auction
  2. Sell on for people – sell it to an overseas investor or first time buyers
  3. Buy, refurbish & flip on the open market
  4. Buy, refurbish & sell to an investor – some properties once done up are perfect for investment purposes so can either sell it to an investor or can keep it as a cash flowing property

Top tips –

  • Buy in an area that is in high demand as end value has risen 10% during project
  • Be prepared to give away profit to JV partners when it also allows you to have a good profit after putting no money in the deal
  • Certain properties that have got major development potential e.g. already has planning, can split the plot are great to sell at auction

Buying & selling is a great way to get a big portion of cash in one lump sum, and a great strategy to do along side investing in B2L or HMOs

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