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The help of technology

The help of technology

Technology is already transforming the way we live. Looking into the future landlords will have to cater to certain innovations in the future, because tenants will expect it be the norm. It will of course be helpful to landlords because everything will be more automated and accessible and freeing up more of your time.

So 5 APPs that might be worth a look to help you with your property business:

  1. Speedsmart
  • Tenants are starting to be more interested in a property with amazing WIFI, so this app lets you test out a property’s connectivity before you advertise it.
  1. PAD
  • A lettings service that markets itself as the UKs first fully mobile rental experience. PAD finds tenants and manages viewings & offers for landlords. As part of the listing price landlords will have their property turned into a PAD offering  WIFI, monthly cleans, Netflix & Google home. App is still in development.
  1. Property buddy
  • A simple property management app, property buddy has features such as a dashboard that shows what rent has been collected plus a cash-flow bar graph to show income and expenditure over a 12 month period.
  1. Rental step
  • Not really an APP but it is an online platform. They offer a free tenant referencing service, agreements & credit scores. Tenants benefit from a tenant passport which collects data regarding their payment history.
  1. Scanbot
  • It is vital for landlords to keep a copy of all documents relating to their property. The Scanbot app allows you to use your smartphone camera to create JPEG or PDF copies.

One thing does seem certain that for people in property, embracing a ‘smart home’ may prove to be the smart choice for landlords. It is probably best to start easing your way into using technology not only in your houses but also in your management of the housing.

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