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Local Authorities’

Local Authorities’

Licencing schemes – more and more Local authorities(LA) are seeing these schemes up!

  1. How should landlords apply for a LA license?
  • There are different types of licensing and each council has the option to widen the scope of a license. You can get an application form online from each individual council. Just remember what you are applying for a HMO, mandatory or selective license.
  1. How long does the license last for?
  • Normally 5 years, but as always, each council can choose how long the license is for.
  1. Is there a charge?
  • Yes, there is a fee and this again varies widely per council and dependent upon which license.
  1. Can landlords query the terms of a license before accepting it?
  • Yes, there is a 14-day consultation process before the licensed is issued. If you have accepted then you have 28 days to appeal to a tribunal. Remember this can be a lengthy process with no guarantees.
  1. What should landlords do if a LA inspection covers something that’s not compliant?
  • Tenants are allowed to make a complaint & invite an inspector around without letting the landlord know. Of course, it’s better if the tenants speak to you directly about this first.

REMEMBER: Councils will more than likely than not discuss an issue informally with landlords first before putting in protocols. If you disagree with the ideas there is usually a forum for you to appeal.

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