Are you looking for

  • choices?

  • freedom?

  • security?

  • Extra money to fund your children’s education?

  • secure your pension?

  • extra money for a rainy day?

It is possible

No matter what your financial and personal circumstances are

However the first step is to see to see if have what it takes to be a property investor

For those wanting to start property investing the options are numerous, and for most knowing where to start is the hardest thing

When you look into property investing the list of options is endless and the sad fact is that most either stop immediately or make an attempt to do it on their own. Knowing the “how to’s” of property investing can take many years to learn, with lots of mistakes and ultimately the costly investments. So why make it hard?

At Smart Core Wealth we offer those wishing to create a property investment portfolio the ideal solution. We do this as we have the experience of a National Landlord Association award winning investor on our team. She has been there and done it, so will show you the way to start your portfolio right the first time.

Buy To Let, House of Multiple Occupancy, Lease Option, Distressed, Creative Financing it can be a minefield. That is where we at Bridges Property Mentoring will guide you through the maze to find the right path for you with less hassle, less stress and less mistakes.



The mentorship uses only experienced successful investors who support, guide and encourage their mentee to maximise their potential, develop their skills and improve their results. [Read More]

Group Programmes


12 month programme focusing on multitude of relevant topics to take advantage of the current market conditions. [Read More]

1 to 1 Coaching


For those ready to fully commit to their property business we offer a bespoke one-to-one coaching programme. Available only those really serious about being a property investor. [Read More]

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